Eastern elm is a wholesale company providing a high-quality collection of decor, sacred art, tea and tableware, and other home accessories from Eastern Asia. Our product catalog is accessible through registration by retail, design and other relevant customers.  
We welcome you to join us and share with us more about the thousand year craft-making history and cultures from Eastern Asia with our hope to bring you intimacy, love & joy through our collections.                            Eastern elm team


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The 5 Virtues of the Koh (Incense)

1. Incense burning cleanses spirit.

2. Incense burning cleanses and clarifies over spirit of worldly blindness.

3. Incense burning is a friend and compassion in times of loneliness.

4. Incense burning brings peace and reflection during a hectic day.

5. Incense-burning substances never lose their effectiveness, even when stored over a long period.

Five Virtues of


Fortune and flowers

do not last forever.

 - Chinese Proverb

The Year of the Ox

What is a Tea Pet?

Wood Trunk Vase, Green

Wind Chime and Metal Stand

Tear-Drop Spout Gaiwan & 2 Cups, Sage

Crysanthemum Bowl


Crystal Reclining Buddha

Celadon Vases

Demon Mask & Stand

Buddha Hand Incense Stand