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About Us

      Eastern elm is a wholesale company providing a high-quality collection of decor, sacred art, tea and tableware, and other home accessories from Eastern Asia.  Our product catalog is accessible through registration by retail, design and other relevant customers.  
      In our long journeys in search of ideal products, we have had the chance to visit some remote, peaceful craft villages.  The crafts made there were of sublime quality as they were polished through generations of apprentices by local artisans.  Some figurines, tea wares and incense wares were so astonishing.  We observed these crafts being used to serve individual needs, integrate their communal activities, and overall enrich their cultural lives.  We believed those
splendid crafts could be appreciated in faraway cultures in the same ways as we saw in those villages - good crafts are borderless and can make an individual happy and can bring people together.
      Our collections are: created in harmony with nature, with simplicity, and with sublime craftsmanship; a blend of modern and traditional styles; culturally unique and easily adaptable into various lifestyles; and some original designed lines of products with innovative concepts to bring you one-of-a-kind items.   
      We welcome you to join us and share with us more about the thousand year craft-making history and cultures of Eastern Asia with our hope to bring you intimacy, love & joy.
                                                                                                                                                 Eastern elm team

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