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***Orders placed on website do not have shipping cost and tax calculated already. The total order amount will be higher than the amount shown upon checkout to account for shipping and taxes. ***

For your convenience, orders can be placed by:


     1. shopping cart in the Catalog page

      - credit card payment - Please select products in the shopping cart and place

       your order electronically.  After receiving your order, we will process and will

       contact you for credit card numbers with total cost including products and

       shipping cost.  After transaction, we will ship out your order.   


      - Net 30 Account (Approved customers only) – Please select products in the

       shipping cart and place your order electronically.  We will then process your

       order and ship to you. 

     2. email

       Please list product SKU numbers & names, quantities, and payment method,

     3. fax

       Please print out attached order form and fax it to us, open form here, or

     4. call us at 925-932-1766.

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